The Card of the Day: The Moon June 10, 2018



The card of the day is the Moon. In the card image is a moon beaming over two dogs that are near a body of water that has a lobster right in the center. The face appearing in the center of the moon is the famous jazz singer Billie Holiday.

The moon card is the card of deception. Things are not all they appear to be. This card indicated that there is bad energy around you. This could be fake friends, jealous colleagues, or an unfaithful lover. This is the time to keep doing what you are doing and let life run its course, but be very aware of what is going on around you in order to find out the truth.

This card can also reveal your own insecurities. If you experience anxiety and fear certain things in your life than now is the time to just explore and face whatever is making you afraid or causing you to experience anxiety. Walk into the unknown since the moon card indicates that things may not be what you think it will be.

Questions to reflect on:

  • Do you really know the people who are surrounding you?
  • Do you experience anxiety?
  • Are you afraid of something?
  • Are you a victim of gossip and slander?
  • Do you feel like secrets are being kept from you?
  • What type of energy are you surrounding yourself with?


Tarot Deck Used: The Black Power Tarot

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