Oracle Reading of the Day: 12/6/18

I decided to do a one card oracle reading for today. The oracle card of the day is Shape-Shifting. Today’s advice is to be open to visualize what you want in your life. This is the best way to manifest what you want and bring it into fruition. Visualize who you want to be and what you want to be doing. For instance, let’s say that you want to start your own business instead of working for a company. You have to visualize you owning your business and running it. Let go of what you are currently or what you were in the past. Create a better you and achieve what you want out of life.

I also would look at shape-shifting as you taking a trait from an animal and basically turning yourself into that animal mentally to handle certain situations in your life. Let’s say you feel like you are being attacked. You should take on the traits of a fox who is sly enough to get out of that situation. You have to be that fox and picture yourself going through the woods avoiding humans to survive. That is what shape-shifting is all about. The advice is still the same. Take on the mindset of something other than yourself and you can expect positive results. It is best to shift your mind into visualization.

Tarot Deck Used: The Native Spirit Oracle Deck

Tarot Reading of the Day: 12/5/18

Today I did a three card spread (Situation, Problem, Course of Action). I pulled the Justice, Six of Cups, and the Five of Wands. For today’s reading I am seeing that you are in a situation where you are thought of in a negative way based on something you have done in the past. You have learned from the past and have grown from it. Defend yourself  in order to make sure you are being judged correctly and fairly. 

Some people like to think that a cheetah never changes its spot, but that is far beyond the truth. There are people out there that make mistakes, learn from them, and then apply it in order to grow as a person, and to make sure that they never make that mistake again. Stand up for yourself when you are caught in this position. That is the only way to make it right and correct any negative thinking towards you.

Tarot Deck Used: The Naked Heart Tarot

Card of the Day: Death 11/19/18

The card of the day is the Death card. This card indicates that you are going to go through a drastic transformation. It is time to end things that hold you back. Break away from bad habits. Release and let go of the past if it does nothing but hinder you. Embrace all types of changes that you are going through. It will be a scary process, but it is something that is necessary in your life at this moment in order to transform for the better. This is the time to purge. The past needs to be behind you, so that you can focus on what the future holds for you.

The process itself could be very painful and hard to deal with, but you have to remember that it is for your own good. Do not resist the transformation because, you would only be holding onto what no longer serves you. Why do that to yourself, if there is a possibility of new opportunities once you completely transform? You have to remember that change is necessary throughout life. This shift of energy and change is only happening to give you a fresh start that you will appreciate in the end. When one door closes, another one opens. 

Tarot Deck Used: The Animal Totem Tarot  

Card of the Day: Five of Swords 11/15/18

The card of the day is the five of swords. This card indicates loss and defeat. You are going to be a situation that you will not win. You can expect some conflict. This could be because of a disagreement, an argument or a competition. In situations like this you have to pick your battles, because it is not going to turn out the way that you have hoped.

Be mindful of what exactly you are losing and what it is worth to you. This will help you approach this conflict in the best possible way even though the end result is not going to be in your favor. There is a huge difference between losing something that wasn’t worth much to begin with versus losing something that is worth a whole lot.

You should also be careful of betrayal. Make sure you are watching your back at all times. Enemies are watching to catch you off guard. Do not let them get that opportunity. They are plotting to take what you have. Whatever they are after doesn’t necessarily have to be something physical like money. It could be that promotion you are trying to get or someone trying to come in between you and your significant other for example. Protect yourself and be wary. Remember keep your enemies close, but your friends closer!

Tarot Deck Used: The Orisha Tarot

Card of the Day: King of Cups 11/14/18

King of Cups

The card of the day is the King of Cups. This card indicates you are going to be in a situation where you have to be in control of your emotions and be very intuitive in order to handle the situation with ease. This should be no problem for you since you are already emotionally mature and intuitive. Being calm, balanced, and intuitive will be the best approach at whatever life throws at you. Determine what feels right and what doesn’t feel right through your intuitive nature. Once you decipher your intuition, then you will be able to make smart and beneficial decisions. Things will go your way and you can expect a positive outcome, if you handle it this way.

Since you are emotionally mature, you are highly attuned to your emotions along with other people’s emotions. Make sure you don’t take advantage of this by manipulating others emotionally in order to get what you want in whatever situation that you are in. If you just focus on your own emotions and follow your intuition everything will go smoothly. You don’t need to manipulate others emotionally to have things go your way. If something is meant to be, then it will happen naturally. All you have to do is make sure you have a deep understanding of your emotional and spiritual self.

Tarot Deck Used: The Orisha Tarot