Message from the Hummingbird


The hummingbird reminds us to continue to look for the best things in life. How are you using your energy? Instead of wasting energy on negative things try to use it on positive things that make you happy. It will definitely put you in a better mood. Now is the time to emerge and enjoy life. Optimism is key and joy is the outcome!

Oracle Deck Used: The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck

Message from the Fox


The fox is very smart, adaptable, and very loyal to the ones they love. The fox reminds us to reconnect to the ones you love to keep you balanced. Spend time with family and friends. Also spend more time with your significant other. If you lack this quality time then you tend to be sneaky and unsure of yourself. Your loved ones keep you balanced. Feed off of that energy!

Message from the Beaver


The Beaver reminds us how hardworking we are. We are constantly working to provide for our families. Sometimes it can be very tiring, but you need to push yourself and keep going. You have the power to achieve your goals. You have to keep at it and keep working towards what you want in order for it to become a reality.

Message from the Wolf


The Wolf advises you to let go. You don’t always have to control everyone and everything. Even though you are the leader and have a hard time trusting others, you have to let things flow. Everything is not always going to go your way. You can guide others and situations, but it is impossible to have full control. Go with the flow and trust others.

Message from the Lamb


The lamb advices you to have patience and look out for any important messages that comes your way. This important message can come from your spirit guides which means meditation is necessary to make sure you receive any important messages. You may even receive an important message from someone you know or even a stranger. You have to be quiet and just listen. Be very observant. You never know what truth you will find out!